Bring your products to life and attract the right clients to your door

Does it feel like more people should be buying your product? But for some reasons they don't!

Does it sometimes feel like you spend more time managing clients' expectations than bringing in new customers or growing your business? 

 Does this sound familiar?

As the Product Director, you know you've got the quality products, what you haven't got is the quality story and language that will resonate with your potential customers. The price you pay is diminished sales and lower profits. 

Stories are the language of business and what I can do is help you to not only find your story, but to tell it in an compelling way that will draw people to you. 

To find the story that will help customers and prospects understand you, 

  • I will create a bespoke solution for you
  • We will find the right people in your business and work closely together 
  • The team will tell me your story the way they see it and I will listen to you and them
  • We will then bring your clients’ point-of-view in focus, look at how your products change your customers’ life
  • We will articulate and position your story to help you create that missing connection with your clients and prospects.

I don't expect to act straight away, what I find it best to have a first call so that I can find more about you and you can find more about me. 

To start drawing more client in and move your business forward

Book your free of charge 20 minutes call

By the end of the call you will have:

  • Honest feedback on your current products’ message and positioning
  • At least 3 changes that could make your communication more impactful
  • More clarity on how to move forward so that you can grow your business the way you want

Some of the work I have done for my clients

  • Delivered the implementation of a new service offering that generated over €5M business

We employed a combination of market and media research knowledge combined with a strong implementation and communication experience to successfully lead the global implementation of a new new multi-media research solution for the market research company Millward Brown. Working closely with our client, processes and responsibilities for each team were identified, with support documentations and advices on how best sell the solution and manage the projects.

Benedicte is tenacious in a nice way in order to get results. She's helped us position and implement our new solution. Organised, professional, she delivered an excellent product on time.

Sue Elms EVP Global Media and Digital Practice, Millward Brown

  • Created a compelling proposal that positioned my client as a serious contender in media research on the French market 

The market research Company GfK, wanted to bid for a media project in France with the desire to position themselves as a key media expert on this new market. PHI STRATEGY coordinated the bid and the various contributors, keeping track of requirements and timeline. Ensuring a unified tone of voice throughout, we designed and produced the final proposal. We succeeded in creating a compelling proposal which led GfK to the last stage of the pitch and opened the door to bid for other key media contracts on the French market.

Get more clarity on how to move your business forward.

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